How might people from diverse backgrounds profit by encountering one another’s customs and norms?

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Each race has its own unique custom, distinctive culture and religious belief. Generally, all these characteristics reflect their racial resilience and dignity, solidarity and social values.

In social life, we have a host of opportunities to taste various traditional foods while we mix with people from other race groups. A wide variety of spices may impart an Indian flavor to the Chinese dishes. Thus, the Chinese people may enjoy delicious foods besides Chinese cuisine.

While different races of people live in a multilingual community, they inevitably have the chance to learn other languages besides their mother tongue. Fluency in other languages is conducive to one’s career and also will help one to know different cultures in depth.

Cultivating a moral education is an approach to maintain ethnic harmony. People from diverse backgrounds come to know each other and learn from each other. “Among any three people, there must be one who can be my teacher.” (The Confucian Analects) From this quotation by Confucius , we explicitly know that despite diverse cultures or backgrounds, people should learn to inculcate values such as modesty towards other tribal groups.