Why it’s important to renew your domain name?

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If you don’t renew your expired domain name, it will lapse and become available for anyone else to register.

If you lost your domain name, what would happen?

  • You would need to change your domain name which would have an impact on your brand and where customers can find your information online.
  • If you sell goods online then customers wouldn’t be able to find your shop.
  • You would need to change your domain name and completely rebuild your search engine ranking which would undoubtedly mean losing customers and revenue.
  • You would need to change all of your email addresses.
  • You could lose orders and enquiries sent by email.
  • You could lose contact with friends and colleagues.
  • Many services use your email address as your login name e.g. banking. You would therefore be unable to log into your accounts or even request an email password reminder.

Even worse than that, when a domain name is not renewed, it is available to be re-registered by anyone else. Statistics show that 15% of non renewed domain names are re-registered by someone else within one day. Astonishingly 7.5% are re-registered within 10 seconds. This means that someone else would be receiving all of your existing web site traffic and would benefit from the search engine rankings associated with your domain name.

If you do not renew your domain name, you lose your web site identity. Whether personal or business, having to change your email address is a serious inconvenience. You could lose contact with friends and colleagues or lose customers as their enquiries or email orders are not delivered to you.