Why assessments and examinations are essential to learners?

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Assessments and examinations are significantly important to, and are the integral part of a formal education system. They are the paths for learners to evaluate or to be appraised the knowledge, cognition and comprehension of their learning. Through the assessments or examinations, learners are aware of areas of growth and areas that need definite enhancement.

Learning without assessments or examinations is just like making a futile effort. Learners are not able to perceive how far their learning can go and have no notion of what extent they could reach. Writing a computer programming is a very appropriate analogy. Imagine that you are coding a computer program without carrying out the run-time testing and debugging, a stark fact is that you would never know the hidden errors that might give you erroneous output result. Hence, you are thwarted in your learning to go higher level.

Assessments and examinations are not merely the pipeline for appraisal of academic learning; they are imperceptibly conducive to strengthening confidence and determined attitude. They enable learners to find and nurture more effective way of learning, rather than learn toughly but in vain.